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Homework Week beginning 01/07/2013 and 08/07/2013   Some brilliant examples of Theme park plans with special mention going to Jack and Lily!  Really very well done... This week (and maybe next week) we are going to be writing about Cleeve Prior - our knowledge of the village and what we like about it. Here are the sorts of things you might like to include in your writing: Something about the History of the village How the village has changed over the time you have been here or been at the school Some of your favourite parts of the village What you remember about the school and what you will miss when you leave Any people you have met who have been interesting, fun, helpful, generous -  from the school and from the village How you would like the village to change in the future ( or do you want it always to stay the same as it is today?) If it is going well, I may well give you 2 weeks to complete this writing!
History of Cleeve Prior