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Last Week
Homework Week commencing 3rd June 2013 We have been learning about using keys in our science lessons and for your homework you need to make one of your own as well as showing that you can use one yourself. Here is the set of examples that you need to try to use to answer the questions. Some of the problems are quite tricky.  just do your best to solve them. Here are the animals that you need to sort using your own tree sorting diagram.  Choose at least 6 of them to sort.  You do not have to sort all of them unless you really want to! Good Luck!
Solve these problems
Homework Weeks beginning 17th and 24th June 2013   During the week we will be writing letters to Aztec people and designing a brochure for Aztec to advertise their business. Your task for homework is to design an adventure park which will contain all the things that you would most like to do and see in an adventure park.  It may have rides, shops, beauriful things to see, places to visit, things to do.  Mine would have sports to play, rock-climbing and fishing, zip wire and high ropes courses in the trees, go karts and lots of other things including a sushi restaurant.  You need to design your adventure park and explain why you have chosen all these things.  You can draw it (easy version) or make it in 3D if you want to be amazingly creative!  That will take a lot of time though... Have fun!!!